Author Audrey Burke-Moore

...and with a love for words, she writes.


The first of this series is called Weighted Letters (Out Now!). Two tales are included in this book.

The tale of young love that soon have to face that "ALMOST" moment. Who knew a game of truth or dare would unleash feelings once thought to be hidden. A phone call changes everything.

What happens when you meet the person you believe your dreams were created to show you, but in an instance, it could all be taken away and erased from memory. Are you willing to risk it all?

The Choice Series

The Choice Series is a set of books that relates to making life altering changes. From pages filled with love and passion, to pages filled with a multitude of choices that leaves the reader asking, "What would I do?". New faces, new friendships, new love layers every page of these thought-provoking tales.

 "The world is a blank canvas, it is up to us to use our talents and intellect to paint a beautiful picture that individually defines us. Let your words become your paint and your actions become your brush."

​~Audrey B. Moore

**This is book one of The Choice Series that works directly to fund the Team ARCC program for the youth and the Our God Grown Garden for health. For details of Team ARCC, visit or