"The world is a blank canvas, it is up to us to use our love, talents, and intellect to paint beautiful pictures that individually define us. Let your words become your paint and your actions become your brush. Take the time to help today's children, for every new day is today for a child."

~Author Audrey B. Moore

Author Audrey Burke-Moore


...and with a love for words, she writes.

 Hello Reader,

          This is Audrey Burke-Moore. In the beginning, I was going to get an intricate website that meets my standards, goals and my purpose created, but I feel if I really wanted to be known, it would be for the things that make me, "Me".  I am married with three beautiful children. I was raised well and I hope I am raising my own well. I use to be the type that recognized that children are a snapshot of the future, and that made me want to help the future. Now, being a writer, I couldn't write a story that could define, describe and explain the situations, emotions and trauma children are facing and going through.


          Boys and girls are becoming fathers and mothers at young ages, ages where they haven't been parented themselves fully. What happens when you have a child raising a child? Child rearing is a process. In the perfect world, a mother and a father would be ready to take care of a child's physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development until they reach adulthood. But as we watch days turn into months and months into years what's changing? We are one nation, under money and it is divided we stand. My first want was to help the future, but now it has changed to a want to change their today. 


          We have to shine a light on the truth, regardless of how taboo it may be. If you are afraid to talk about issues with your child that may be deemed taboo, embarrassing or other, read the information on the pages of this site. This is not an if, but a because you love your child the time is now to sit and talk to your child about sex, std's, their body and their goals. One thing we never want to hear our child say is, "I didn't know" ,"I was never told." or "I never thought this would happen to me".

          There is so much going on in our nation, from children disappearing, running away, trafficking and bullying. We have to find a way to try our best to change some things. Prevention is key, but having a plan for a positive course of action regardless if the situation was prevented or not is the goal.

Let's save today's child, for tomorrow's not promised.