"The world is a blank canvas, it is up to us to use our talents and intellect to paint a beautiful picture that individually defines us. Let your words become your paint and your actions become your brush."

​~Author Audrey B. Moore

...and with a love for words, she writes.


Author Audrey Burke-Moore

Audrey fell in love with words at a young age, and often admired how words gave her the ability to express her innermost thoughts and feelings. Avid in poetry writing, she has always found ways to articulate words through building foundations based on real-life understandings. 

7/17/2017-Author Audrey Burke-Moore's latest real life project, "When a Child Writes" is in the making and setting up for production and publishing. This prograis designed to help children of all ages throught out the U.S. Until the project is ready to be released, this site will be temporarily down, but we promise its return soon.